Dragon's Breath

Under Lock & Key
Or... Something Smells Fishy

It was morning in the city of Greyhawk, it was much like all other times of the day – hectic. Today appeared to be no exception. Although this part of the vast metropolis had not yet fully woken. Across the street from the Dragon’s Breath Inn, a pair of flithy thugs had begun to ransack the locksmith’s shop. Few passers took notice, and those that did crossed to the other side of the street. Had it not been for the heroes-in-residence of the Dragon’s Breath Inn choosing to intervene, the hoodlums would have profitted this day.

After the dust settled, and the party finished restraining the would-be theives, a portly, copper-skinned man in his late forties rushed towards the group, waving his hands in the air, “My shop! My shop! Someone call the militia!”, he wailed. Having passed the group, he entered the building: the sounds of rumaging was heard followed by a muffled cry of “It’s gone!”

Before the party could properly explain itself, the silence was interrupted by the “timely” arrival of the Greyhawk City militia.

The leader of the Watch quickly took in the scene. Spying the two captured robbers, the captain motioned to his troops. “Search ‘em boys. We’re looking fer a book.” The guards quickly turned the thugs pockets out, but came up empty-handed.

As the thugs were dragged off he shouted, “Twas that stinkin’ half-breed Irontusk! We met ‘im in Barge End last night and he told us the place would be unlocked and unguarded early this morning. He said he was done wif the place, and we’s welcome to ’elp ourselfs!”

The captain then turned to the merchant. “Well Mr. Meldorp, it looks like these three adventurers have kept your shop from being looted. We’ll handle these miscreants from here on out.” The militia then disappeared almost as quickly as they arrived, taking their two prisoners with them.

“It seems I owe you three my thanks. My name is Theldrat Meldorp. I am a locksmith. I’m sorry that I don’t seem happier that you stopped those thugs, but apparently this Irontusk has already made off with my greatest treasure – my father’s key. You see, this key was a valuable family heirloom, and holds great personal importance to me. It’s the only thing missing in the shop.” Pausing and shuffling his feet before continuing, “I’m not a wealthy man, but if you could find this Irontusk person and get my key back, I’ll reward you as best I can.”

The great city of Greyhawk comes to an abrupt end down by the Selintan River in a tumble of shacks, docks, and a few warehouses. The shouts of fishmongers, creaking of wagons, and the cacophony of shrieking gulls are ever present here. The wide bank of the river was so crowded with boats, from simple fishing vessels to wide river gypsy barges, that it made it nearly impossible to see the water at all unless one looked well away from the shore. Searching the riverside ramble for Irontusk presented quite the challenge. Noses braced against the ever present odor of fish and too many people living in too small a space, the heroes pressed on into Barge End.

A poor dockworker trembled at Wondechara’s inquiry, but before he could answer him. A woman aboard a barge brazenly shouts, “Oh it’s Irontusk your looking for, Irontusk you say? I never heard of this Irontusk you’re looking for. No Irontusk here.” Alrrayiy’s keen eyes swept across the crowded scene, coming to rest on a muscular half orc. As he turns toward you, you notice that one of his tusks appears to be capped with iron. Looking directly at the group, Irontusk chose the better part of valor, and fled.

Irontusk leapt from barge to barge (clearly at ease in this environment) as the heroes gave chase. Each hero encountered their own problems as they crossed from barge to boat, Rylovir, in particular, had a penchant for landing on barges owned by chicken merchants. Meanwhile, Alrrayiy barreled forward: deftly hopping from barge to dock, over crate and through the water. After some harrowing (and often hilarious) moments, Irontusk was subdued by the heroes. Before he was given over to the watch, the party attempted to intimidate him into giving up the key, but Irontusk only responded with laughter and mockery prompting Rylovir to persuade him with coin from his own pocket to gain information. Fifty gold crowns later, Irontusk furnished them a map to an old merchant house in the River Quarter, the hideout for an up-and-coming gang calling itself “The Green Daggers”.

Welcome To The Dragon's Breath Inn!
Or... How We Met Each Other

Tired and in need of food, the party finds itself at the Druid’s Gate in front of Greyhawk City. There they are greeted by a long line of weary travelers seeking entrance into the city. Overhearing that permits would be required before they can enter the Artisan’s Quarter, the heroes met a seedy man who offered a solution to their plight regarding adventuring licenses and asked them if they would run an errand for them in exchange for a few of them. Hesitant (and with good reason) at first, they agree.

After an uneventful stroll to The Fruit of the Mill, they met with Karin, and she informed the party on where Yrr was to be found. In exchange, Karin Koeffel, the proprietor, had asked them to deliver a basket of baked goods to him since the party was on their way to see him. While on the way to the Dragon’s Breath Inn, the heroes were warned by a beggar, named Brendigund, of an impending attack by Greyhawk thugs.

Upon arriving to the Inn, they meet Wondechara Darkhelm, a resident of the Inn and close friend to Yrr. The party was invited to sit down for a meal, but the dining experience was interrupted by the sudden attack of two small fire elementals.

After the ordeal, Yrr explained that what the heroes had been instructed to deliver was a coded message that he had to decipher for Aramis Raspet, an aristocrat of renown. Yrr then requested the party to personally deliver the message to Aramis’s contact near the Grand Tent, offering the services of Wondechara to aid them.

Having arrived at the meeting point on time, the handoff was interrupted by the sudden and inevitable ambush of goblins. The party made quick work of the bothersome pests. Having successfully accomplished their task, the group was left wondering what really was happening behind the scenes in the city of Greyhawk.

Greyhawk City: The Gem of the Flaeness
Law & Order

PCs in the Free City of Greyhawk are adventuring in an urban environment. It is perfectly possible, therefore, that they might do something to get themselves arrested. Thus, a few words about law, justice, crime, and punishment are in order.
The level and efficacy of law enforcement in the Free City is constantly in flux depending on the aims and goals of those in charge. Recently, some changes on the Directing Oligarchy have enabled the Lord Mayor, Nerof Gasgal, to reassert his authority. This has resulting in a tightening of the laws, particularly in the areas of public safety and smuggling. Relevant minor laws appear, below.

The Free City is a sprawling and cosmopolitan urban center and as such, there are rules and regulations dealing with the presence of the animal companions, familiars, and more fantastic followers that a PC might bring with her.
In general, PCs that are accompanied by normal animals (that is, creatures with the animal type) are not bothered by the guards, provided that it is Medium-sized or smaller. If the animal is normally carnivorous (such as a wolf or Medium- or smaller-sized dinosaur), the PC is required to demonstrate her ability to control that beast, as well as to show some form of restraint upon it – a muzzle, or at the very least a collar and leash. They will also have to purchase a license for it at a cost of 1 gp per base HD.
Large-sized non-carnivorous animals are also acceptable, though depending on the animal it may also be required to be restrained/collared (common sense should prevail; a horse, even a warhorse, doesn’t need to be led around by a collar; a rhinoceros is a different matter). They will also have to purchase a license for it at a cost of 5 gp per base HD for any animal other than a horse.
For more fantastic creatures (such as the types of creatures gained by the Improved Familiar feat, or more exotic animal companions or followers), the PC must purchase a license for it at a cost of 10 gp per base HD.
If the PC wishes, the companion can be snuck into the city if it could be hidden from the guards in the first place (perhaps in a pocket, an extradimensional space, or by invisibility).

The Free City regulates the use of weapons and spells within its walls. In regards to magic the laws are:
• Generally, Greyhawk strongly controls magic use, prohibiting the use of such except in moments of extreme personal danger.
• Spells that do not damage a foe, such as hold person, are permitted.
• Spells that do damage only to a foe, such as magic missile, are allowed, but only in self- defense.
• Spells that damage a wide area, like fireball, bring a prosecution for property damage and any other relevant charges included murder, except in exceptional circumstances.
• Spells that are mentally intrusive, like detect evil, are frowned upon. Spells that can be used for a variety of illicit purposes, like invisibility, are also disapproved of. However, the use of either type of spell is legal.
In regards to weapons, the rules are:

  • It is legal to carry the following weapon types: 
dagger, dart, sling, staff, club, hammer and other similar weapons. They should be tied to one’s belt or in a scabbard whenever possible.

  • Swords, axes and other similar weapons may be carried through the streets but they must be in a scabbard or leather head-case. Characters wanting to carry such weapons in the city must purchase a license (5 gp for one-handed, 20 gp for two-handed weapons). Licenses are valid for one week.

  • Polearms, spears and other large weapons such as crossbows and bows are banned. Visitors must deposit these with the Guild of Nightwatchmen who maintain a secure storage facility warded with powerful magics maintained by the Guild of Wizardry.

Note: If PCs try and get around these restrictions by buying weapons in the city they will be very securely wrapped and bound by the seller. Normally, PCs can hide weapons in extra-dimensional spaces without fear of their discovery.

Greyhawk charges a 3 gp Freesword Tax to any adventurers entering the city. Without this, adventurers can’t talk with any patrons, or sell any loot.
Greyhawk prohibits owning, and thus selling, any idol or symbol of any Evil deity. Individuals finding such items must turn them over to the authorities to be destroyed. If the PC wishes, illegal idols can be snuck into the city if they could have been hidden from the guards in the first place (perhaps in a pocket, an extradimensional space, or perhaps via invisibility). Warn the player that if they are caught, they can be Arrested.

If a PC wants to avoid paying the fees listed above, he can usually smuggle the contraband items past the guards. Doing so requires a Slight of Hand check to avoid attracting suspicion and provoking a search. The guards also perform random searches. If a PC is caught smuggling, he is punished as noted below.
If a PC is caught carrying illegal weapons inside the city, the weapons are confiscated until he leaves, and the PC is fined 10% of the value of the confiscated weapons (to a maximum amount of 100 gp x Hit Dice).
If a PC uses a damaging spell in a non-life threatening situation they are fined 10 gp x Hit Dice. If they kill someone, it is treated as murder.
Use of an area damaging spell (fireball, for example) attracts a fine of 100 gp x Hit Dice.
Use of intrusive spells does not attract a fine, but the caster suffers a -2 circumstance penalty on all Diplomacy checks against people who saw him cast the spell (or have been told he did so).
These fines are halved if the offender was defending the city or helping the authorities in some way when you commit the offense. They may be waived by the court.
Being caught smuggling in an animal requires the offender to buy a license and pay a fine equal to double the cost of the license. This must be paid even if the animal is already dead.
Those avoiding the Freesword Tax caught talking with patrons or selling the proceeds of their adventurers, are fined 1,000 gp and treated as if they are smuggling all items found with you.
The penalty for worshiping an Evil deity is either death (for cult leaders and priests) or confiscation of all goods and banishment for all other involved individuals. Those caught with an icon or holy symbol of an evil deity have all their goods confiscated and are banished from the city (unless they can prove they were about to hand the item over to the authorities or a good-aligned church for destruction).

Once you’ve been caught, there remains one way to avoid the penalty – commit another crime. Namely, bribe the City Watch. Greyhawk being what it is, this is almost expected. Bribery is a simple matter of offering the City Watch some portion of the expected fine to simply look the other way. Treat this as a Diplomacy check with the City Watch being indifferent. If they become unfriendly, you must pay the full fine. If they remain indifferent, you must pay 80% of the fine. If they become friendly, they only take 60% of the fine. And if you make them helpful, they let you off for only 40% of the normal fine.


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