Ekbir, properly known as the Caliphate of Ekbir, is a political state of the Flanaess. It is situated in the Baklunish Basin region of the Flanaess, upon the shores of the Dramidj Ocean.


Geography and climate

Ekbir is bordered by the Drawmidj Ocean to the west, the Yatil Mountains and Yecha Hills to the north, the Blashikmund River to the east, and the Tuflik River to the south. Across the Tuflik and Blashikmund lie the neighboring states of Zeif and Tusmit, respectively, while the Tiger Nomads lie to the north across the Yatils and Yechas. Most of the Udgru Forest lies in the northern reaches of Ekbir.

While the coastal areas of Ekbir are pleasant and mild year-round, winters within the interior can be rather severe.


Ekbiri natives are more or less pureblooded Baklunish.



Ekbir’s coat of arms is blazoned thus: Gules, the words “Caliphate of Ekbir” in Baklunish script sable, over all in honor a cross moline in saltire or.



Ekbiri coinage consists of the platinum star, gold cup, electrum galley, silver quest (or charge), and a bronze guard.

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