Frost Barbarians

The Frost Barbarians, properly known as the Kingdom of (the) Fruztii, is a political state of the Flanaess. The people themselves are sometimes referred to as simply the Fruztii.


The lands of the Frost Barbarians are located in the far northeastern portion of the Flanaess, on what is known as the Thillonrian Peninsula. They occupy the coastal plains between the Griff and Corusk Mountains and the Grendep Bay. Their lands are separated from those of the Snow Barbarians by the Spikey Forest, while the Timberway Forest forms their southern border against Ratik.

As of 591 CY, the most populous towns are Krakenheim (pop. 4,500) and Djekul (pop. 3,100).


As of 591 CY, the population of the Frost Barbarians totaled 144,500 persons, almost exclusively humans of Suel stock. There are also a small number of dwarves and halflings, but few other races call this region home.


The most popular deities among the Frost Barbarians are Kord, Llerg, Norebo, Xerbo, Vatun, and Syrul.


The most widely-spoken languages in the lands of the Frost Barbarians are the Cold Tongue and Common.


The Frost Barbarians maintain a hereditary feudal monarchy, currently ruled by His Most Warlike Majesty, King Hundgred Rälffson of the Fruztii.

The Frost Barbarians are also party to a political alliance with Ratik, known as the Northern Alliance.

The national capital is Krakenheim.

Administrative Divisions

The provinces of the Frost Barbarians are clan-based, consisting of thirteen jarldoms, each jarl governing a number of chieftain-led villages.


The Frost Barbarians’ coat of arms is blazoned thus: Ermine, a roundel azure.


The Frost Barbarians are noted for producing foodstuffs (including fish), furs, silver, gold, iron, timber, and shipbuilding supplies.


The Frost Barbarians’ standard coinage consists of the gold kronar (gp), electrum half-kronar (ep), silver linnwurm (sp), and copper thrall (cp).

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Frost Barbarians

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