Geoff, properly known as the Grand Duchy of Geoff, is a ducal political state of the Flanaess.

The Duchy of Geoff was at peace and safe from the ravages of war that threatened the continent; the region was transformed in Common Year (CY) 583 / Flan Tracking (FT) 2463 as armies of giants from the Crystalmist Mountains mounted a brutal invasion. Much of the Duchy was destroyed or enslaved.

Geography and climate

Geoff is situated in the western Sheldomar Valley region of the Flanaess. The nation is bordered by the Crystalmists to the west, the Barrier Peaks to the north, the Stark Mounds to the south, and the Javan River to the east. It’s closest neighbors are the Valley of the Mage to the north, Gran March to the east, and Sterich to the south. Geoff encompasses the entire Hornwood, most of the Oytwood, and the western portion of the Dim Forest.

Due to its isolated position, Geoff experiences some unusual weather. Morning fog is quite common near the Dim Forest, contributing to northeastern Geoff’s reputation for secrecy and hauntings. Rain is plentiful, with short, violent thunderstorms. Geoff experiences significant snowfall in winter, especially in the mountains and western regions.


The human folk of Geoff show strong Flan racial characteristics, tempered by Suel and Oeridian influences. Sylvan elves inhabit the Oytwood, Dim, and Hornwood forests, and dwarves dwell in the Crystalmist and Barrier Peaks mountain ranges. Gnomes are present in the hilly regions south of Gorna. Halflings are also found in Geoff.


As of 591 CY, the population of Geoff was numbered at 90,000 persons, the vast majority being humans. Elves, halflings, dwarves, and gnomes make up less than 20% of the total population. The land also includes vast numbers of uncounted orcs, goblins, giants, and other fell creatures.


The most popular deities in Geoff are those of the Old Faith: Pelor, Allitur, Obad-Hai, and Beory. Other popular deities include Ehlonna, Phyton, Fharlanghn, Saint Cuthbert, and Norebo. The Seldarine and gnomish pantheon also have strong followings.


The most widely-spoken languages in Geoff include Common, Flan, Keolandish, Elvish, Halfling, Orcish, Goblin, and Giant.


The Duchy of Geoff is a feudal monarchy allied with other nations of the Sheldomar Valley and swearing fealty to the Keoish crown. The national capital is Gorna.

Administrative divisions

Prior to 584 CY, the Grand Duchy of Geoff consisted of six high counties, numerous elven lordships among nomadic woodland tribes, and a few dwarf and gnome lordships in the Stark Mounds. Currently, there are several ill-managed “provinces” commanded by the most powerful giants inhabiting former human cities.

Executive branch

Geoff’s chief of state is the Grand Duke, also known as the “Brenin.” The Grand Duke rules for life. The current Grand Duke is Owen I, who has been living in exile in Shiboleth, Gran March since 584 CY, due to the nation being overrun by giants during the Greyhawk Wars.

Legislative branch

Each Cantrev is ruled by a Llwyr (baron) or Arglwythi (baron for smaller cantrevi). These Llwyri, along with the Peers of Geoff (adventurers and other worthies named by the Duke) and other selected officials (High Mage, Ex-Chequer, etc.), form the High Court. The High Court provides legislative support for the Duke. The Old Faith Druids are somewhat separate from the rest of the Duchy, having some autonomy and at the same time influencing both executive and legislative decisions for the Duchy. The Dwarven, Elven, and Gnomish nations are autonomous and not bound by laws made by the High Court.


Geoff’s coat of arms is blazoned thus: Per pale sable and argent a griffin rampant counterchanged. The coat of arms is illustrated at the top of this page.


Since the giant incursions, Geoff’s roads are in disrepair. Traveling upon them is relatively safe, however, as giants tend to ignore roads to take the most direct overland path.


Prior to 584 CY, Geoff’s military consisted of archers (mostly sylvan elves and half-elves), cavalry and pikemen. Very little evidence of an organized Geoffite army currently exists. Survivors of the giant invasion mounted limited guerrilla warfare or fled to Gran March or Sterich, and from there encourage the retaking of Geoff. As of 588 CY, many Knights of the Watch and Dispatch are based in the town of Hochoch, mounting small raids.


Prior to 584 CY, Geoff’s most valuable resources were fur, wool, copper, silver, gold, timber, and gemstones.


Geoff’s standard coinage consists of the platinum griffon (pp), gold lion (gp), electrum eagle (ep), silver hawk (sp), and copper owl (cp).

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