Principality Of Ulek

The Principality of Ulek is a political state of the Flanaess, and one of the three Ulek States, the other two being the County Of Ulek, and the Duchy Of Ulek.


The modern Principality of Ulek is generally located in the southwestern portion of the Flanaess, and is considered part of the Sheldomar Valley region. It is bordered by the Lortmil Mountains to the east, by the Old River to the north and west, and by the Azure Sea to the south.

As of 591 CY, the most populous towns are Havenhill (pop. 32,100), Gryrax (pop. 27,300), Thunderstrike (pop. 17,400), and Eastpass (pop. 15,500). Smaller villages in the Principality include Thrunch.


As of 591 CY, the population of the Principality of Ulek totaled 538,400 persons, over half of whom are humans of mainly Suel and Oeridian stock. Dwarves make up the next largest group (around 30% of the total population), with hill dwarves outnumbering mountain dwarves by approximately 2-to-1. Halflings are also present in significant numbers (10%), while the remainder of the population is a mix of elves, gnomes, half-elves, and others.


The most popular deities among the Principality of Ulek’s citizens are Ulaa, the dwarven pantheon, Saint Cuthbert, Lydia, Phyton, Fharlanghn, Osprem, Ehlonna, Olidammara, and Norebo. The village of Thrunch features a temple of Celestian nearby.


The most widely-spoken languages in the Principality of Ulek include Common, Dwarvish, Keolandish, Halfling, and Gnomish.


The Principality of Ulek is an independent feudal monarchy with hereditary rulership, and currently ruled by His Serene Highness, Prince Olinstaad Corond of Ulek, Lord of the Peaks of Haven. All royal and noble houses in the realm are dwarven. The royal family (House Corond) owns the city of Gryrax, the national capital.


The Principality of Ulek’s coat of arms is blazoned thus: Quarterly; first, purpure a base dancetty or; second and third, argent a battle-axe gules; fourth, the last a diamond argent.


The Principality of Ulek’s standard coinage consists of the platinum high crown (pp), gold forge (gp), electrum anvil (ep), silver hammer (sp), and copper common (cp).

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Principality Of Ulek

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