Yatil Mountains

The Yatil Mountains are a mountain chain located in the western part of the Flanaess.


The Yatils are nearly impassable except in a few places, most notably via a difficult pass linking Perrenland and Ket (known as the Wyrm’s Tail Pass), and as such form the barrier between the cultures of the Flanaess and the Baklunish West.


Passage through the Yatils is made even more difficult by large numbers of orcs, ogres, giants, trolls, and other creatures such as dragons, though the latter are found more in the northern branch than in the south. Humans and nonhumans (especially dwarves and gnomes) also live throughout the mountains, mining the rich deposits of various ores and gems.

The head of the True Faith of Al’Akbar is the Grand Mufti of the Yatils.


The Yatils are quite rich in ore deposits and gems. Miners (especially dwarves) are often aided in their work by strange tunneling creatures. It is believed that a lost dwarven kingdom lies somewhere in the northern Yatils.

Features and settlements

The Yatils have become the place of legendary stories about “lost magical treasure”, most of which are unreliable. In Perrenland, legends tell of the legendary Kóndkannen – the Pots of Knowledge, that are hidden in some remote location in the mountains. Some tales, however, are disturbing for their mention of ancient lairs of evil. The terrible witch Iggwilv has her personal domain in the Yatil Mountains, called The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, from where she launched her terrible attack on Perrenland and enslaved her people for a time.

Mordenkainen’s Obsidian Citadel is also known to be located in the Yatils.

Yatil Mountains

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