Life On Oerth

In the Realms of the Flanaess, these are the major states in the World of Greyhawk:

These realms include Ahlissa, Bandit Kingdoms, Bissel, Blackmoor, Bone March, Bright Lands, Celene, Dyvers, Ekbir, Frost Barbarians, Furyondy, Geoff, Gran March, Greyhawk, Highfolk, Ice Barbarians, Irongate, Empire Of Iuz, Keoland, Ket, Lendore Isles, Lordship Of The Isles, North Kingdom, Nyrond, Onnwal, Theocracy of the Pale, Plains of the Paynims, Perrenland, Pomarj, Ratik, Rel Astra and the Cities of the Solnor Compact, Rovers Of The Barrens, Scarlet Brotherhood, Sea Barons, Sea Princes, Shield Lands, Snow Barbarians, Sterich, Stonehold, Sunndi, Tenh, Tiger Nomads, Tusmit, County Of Ulek, Duchy Of Ulek, Principality of Ulek, Ull, County of Urnst, Duchy of Urnst, Valley of the Mage, Veluna, Verbobonc, Wolf Nomads, Yeomanry, and Zeif.

Heraldry Of The Flaeness

No longer around, is the former Great Kingdom of Aerdy, which came to an end in 586 CY.

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Life On Oerth

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